Accordion Aluminum Door

October 5, 2021

We were called out to look at an According Aluminum Security Door that simply fell from the opening. The customer mentioned this door was just installed and the contractor would not return their calls. Door 28 arrived and noticed the screw hardware was insufficient and too small to support a door of this size. Door 28 technicians were able to re-secure the door in place with the proper hardware. It is all too common lowest bid gets the job, however without the expertise of the industry these projects are completed with problems from the start. Sometimes lowest bid is not always a good idea as it can turnout to be a gamble. Best to just call the right experienced door company for the job, by doing so, you can save the possible damage to surrounding fixtures and areas when the project fails. Not only that, but you can also save the additional headache, it is already hard enough to manage or deal with a renovation or project. Call Door 28, Inc.