Rolling Steel Doors

These coiling doors are engineered and designed for maximum strength and durability. These doors can provide security and reliable operation. There are many types of roll-up doors:

  • Heavy Duty Rolling Steel Doors made with interchangeable slat. Including Fire Doors
  • Light to Medium Duty Rolling Steel Doors made of sheet metal also known as a Sheet Door.
  • Rolling Aluminum Grilles and Curtains.
  • Shutter Doors- Counter Shutters or Larger Storefront Shutters including Fire Shutters.

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Rolling Steel Door Service & Preventative Maintenance

  • Complete inspection of all operations and cosmetic aesthetics.
  • Complete inspection of springs.
  • Tightening of all hardware, rails/guides, mounting brackets, chain hoists, and motor operators.
  • Complete inspection of all bearings, shafts, cables, and drums.
  • Motor operator inspection and lubrication as needed, testing of all activation stations, and safety devices.
  • Lubrication of all points.
  • Full report acknowledging each Door and frame and its current condition.

Rolling Steel Door Installation

Door 28, can assist you in your next rolling door installation project, no matter the application or size.

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