Wood Doors and Frames

Wood doors and frames can provide and perform the good security for personnel doors, however, they can also wear and tear faster if not used improperly or not maintained regularly. Wood doors can change the look of a building for sure. With many different styles, colors, stains, and grains to choose from any look desired can be achieved. Wood doors can provide a professional look and operate with standard locks and hardware.

Wood Doors and Frames Service & Preventative Maintenance

Door 28. can service all of your hollow metal doors and frames. During this service a Door 28. a technician will provide the following services:

  • Door Alignment in frame
  • Inspect for proper Security/Anchoring
  • Complete inspection of all operations and cosmetic aesthetics.
  • Adjustment of closers and hardware.
  • Minor repairs.
  • Tighten hardware.
  • Set opening and closing according to ADA Compliance.
  • Lubrication of all points.
  • Full report acknowledging each Door and frame and its current condition.

Wood Doors and Frames Installation

Door 28 can install any wood door or frame package you can imagine. From single doors to pairs of doors, even wood side lite frames, Door 28. can assist in your next hollow metal door a frame project.

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