Storefront Glass Aluminum Doors & Frames

Storefront Doors and Frames are made of extruded aluminum which can be made into door frames and storefront framing. Storefront framing systems are commonly used in commercial applications and used in other areas where performance meets design.  Storefront system performance is focused on protecting the building interior, its occupants and contents from the elements by forming a barrier against wind, moisture, and temperature.  Storefronts are frequently integrated with entrance door systems. Aluminum and glass storefronts are an excellent way to improve and modernize the appearance of your building. Storefront systems are available with a variety of glazing options. Storefront doors can offer a variety of locking and closing options from panic bars to hook locks for security and overhead and surface mount door closer for closing assistance.

Preventative Maintenance

Storefront Doors and Frames -During our Standard Preventative Maintenance Service we provide the following:

  • Complete inspection of all operations and cosmetic aesthetics.
  • Adjustment of closers and hardware.
  • Minor repairs, and tighten all hardware.
  • Inspect opening for current fire Compliance.
  • Set opening and closing according to ADA Compliance.
  • Lubrication of all points.
  • Full report acknowledging each Door and frame and its current condition.

Storefront Glass Aluminum Door & Frame Service

Service may be needed following wear and tear, or even a break in. With all storefront doors, it is best to have the doors serviced as over time gravity can take effect and begin sagging the door which could drag on the threshold causing the locking to be off and even prevents the door from closing all the way. When having your door serviced many adjustments can be made from adjusting door closer to slow or speed up the closing of the door, aligning the door in the opening to provide proper clearances, adjust locking to provide better locking and ease of locking. Following a break in the door may need new glass, adjustments of the door or worst case scenario a new door.

Storefront Glass Aluminum Door & Frame Installation

Door 28, Inc. offers a variety of different style from screw-spline to stackable systems. From offset framing to a center glazed system with glass pockets to fit glass ranging from 1/4″ glass to 1″ for insulated glass. Entrance doors can also accommodate glass ranging from 1/4″ glass to 1″ for insulated glass, with door framing commonly narrow style framing but can also come in wider styles.

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