Automatic Sliding Commercial Door

December 8, 2021

This customer inherited an older Automatic Door with his new commercial building. At first look, it was clear the door had seen better days. Most parts on this door had been worn to non-operation, to use the door, it had to be manually open and closed. Door 28 technicians began by replacing parts such as rollers, motor, controls, portions of the damaged threshold and safety devices. The door came to life, however due to the age and worn structure it was clear the door would work for a limited time only.

This door lasted 2 years with repairs, allowing the customer to prepare for the cost of a new commercial door, as this can be a larger investment for a business, it can also provide a sigh of relief knowing that a new commercial door can save time and resources allowing the owner and employees to focus on their business.

Ready for a new door, the customer approved the replacement. Although we have been experiencing long lead times for most materials, the Automatic door arrived on-time. We removed the old door and installed the new commercial door. The customer immediately noticed how quietly the new automatic door was. It was so quiet you can barley hear it opening and closing. With all safety devices operational and adjusted to meet an AAADM Certification, this door is ready for commercial use and looking exceptionally good!