Last Stand Rediness & Tactical

February 10, 2021

During the Pandemic and the unprecedented times with many riots happing around the country, this customer reached out to Door 28, Inc. inquiring what they could do to prevent or slow down protestors if they happen to come their way. This customer sells tactical equipment, guns, and ammo, the owner wanted to make sure it was not easy for anyone to get their hands on this type of merchandise. We began by taking measurements to accommodate the opening, at first, we thought we would be covering the entire storefront, we soon learned other than the doors, the remaining storefront is blocked on the interior.

The customer was only concerned with covering the doors, this install brought its own challenges. This building has a low overhang, meaning there was not enough head room from the top of the door to the lowest point of the overhang to fit the door. This proved to be no challenge for Door 28, Inc. with some slight modifications with the roll-up door head plates and cover/hood, the door was installed like a glove, tight and right. The operation of this door came out perfect. The customer expressed his satisfaction with some truly kind words following the install.